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Clash of Clans “LUCKY WARDEN” Clutch Two Star War Attacks!

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  1. Welp, Nick is going into the "Clash Achievery" i guess maybe ? I don't know but probably´╗┐

  2. Nick, do you script your videos? I don't really watch CoC videos anymore, but your commentating has improved A LOT.´╗┐

  3. Can you stop doing dragon raids´╗┐

  4. So much luck cannot believe it i wish i had those sometimes´╗┐

  5. I thot dis wuz about star wurz…´╗┐

  6. clan Trio Nation´╗┐

  7. carry on with the good work
    clash of clan name:kallumthebomb´╗┐

  8. you are awesome´╗┐

  9. I found your clan´╗┐

  10. happy new year nick and kelly´╗┐

  11. grand ward an is the best sniper in clash of clans for the couch two star´╗┐

  12. Dr. Terror just made a song on the same organ that came in your mystery box!´╗┐

  13. Nick you introduced me to COC Twitch and YT u saved all my free time u did so much… pls reply i need some YT and i also like Blink 182´╗┐

  14. thanks nickatnyte´╗┐

  15. hey sir nick, give some gems. if it is okey :)´╗┐

  16. hey, who can help me ­čÖü i have a problem on my base. i need some gems. please help me´╗┐

  17. Nick do a boom beach diamond spending spree´╗┐

  18. ?you can make the map otwn hall 9 anti giant and barch and hog and air for me plz´╗┐

  19. How does clash of clans have 3 million daily users when there's only 700,000 people in the world?´╗┐

  20. too op´╗┐

  21. Supercell pls make a clash achievery based on this´╗┐

  22. Both of the attacks should be feature in a clash commercial´╗┐

  23. happy new year´╗┐

  24. Nick can u do a all witch video with lvl 3 witches!´╗┐

  25. haaapy new year nick´╗┐

  26. In war you shouldve tried a queen walk with 1 witch and the rest drags even in cc, The queen would destroy the air defence weaken the core and destroy the infernos the witch would deal with the cc or other traps, drags would be used as main power. Hope that made sense´╗┐

  27. thanks nick and happy new year´╗┐

  28. OMG, it is a giant crab, on my game i can see it clearly´╗┐

  29. Game of cups will kick your guys ass this war´╗┐

  30. great raids nick!´╗┐

  31. join my clan SacredLegion´╗┐

  32. I love when a troop destroys that building giving 50% just before dying, good raids´╗┐

  33. Maybe the secret object in boom beach is an entire island that will rise from the water´╗┐


  35. Hey nick what do you use to record the screen on the iPad/iPhone?´╗┐

  36. HAPPY 2016!! ;)´╗┐

  37. set your time to jan 15 2016 and its a mega crab´╗┐

  38. HAPPY NEW YEARÔś║Ôś║Ôś║´╗┐

  39. Have a good year nick love ur vids´╗┐

  40. Nick witches are better to use now than drags´╗┐


  42. happy new year man´╗┐