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Clash Of Clans – LVL 7 WIZARD & TRAINING LAYOUTS!! (New October Update)

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  1. why are you hiding your trophies?

  2. If I get a reply from godson I will eat my arm leg and ears

  3. Galadon Is better Than U

  4. hi godson

  5. when will it arrived

  6. SO GOOD! :O

    I want that system already!

  7. is this the BIG update?

  8. when is gonna come out??!

  9. like

  10. what's quick train??

  11. this training system is not good it sucks!

  12. I'm 18 an in the 12th grade if any one is wondering

  13. when will the update come godson bro

  14. i saw wizards training time reduced to 30 secs. it cant be true right ??

  15. something new in shop tq godson for clue?

  16. Godson tell thim we need a base edit mode with a copy base settings on it were we can click on some ones base an copy it to hours so we don't half to make one cuz I'm th11 an it's harder for me to put one together an thanks for thes helpfull videos

  17. GODSON.. if u reply.. ur the best!

  18. 114th lmao ?? hahaha

  19. wow

  20. give me fifty likes and I will tell u the deck that got me to arena 7

  21. I always imagined quick training ! So ready

  22. The new training system looks terrible honestly.

  23. Can you reply my comment godson???

  24. omg, wiz 30 sec to train and valk 1min 30 to train 😀
    probebly new time 2 min for wiz and 3 min for valks, since you have 4 elixer barracks and 2 dark barracks

  25. hi

  26. Wizard lvl 6 th9 ???

  27. Ayyyy OoT temple of time music

  28. cool

  29. Yes! Finally!!!

  30. New League System

  31. lmao the giant bomb

  32. ???

  33. DRAGON TRAINING 3 MINUTES?! I. Maybe return, OK ilkka paananen?

  34. 26th ! and 360th view

  35. the intro?

  36. who else is hyped for the new training system !

  37. uau

  38. Hey Wtf Godson Why did u make small the screen

  39. OMG I'm so early 7th!

  40. furst

  41. tại sao vn chưa ra huhu

  42. La France te dis bonjour ^^

  43. nooo 6 th but that good

  44. 6th

  45. nice

  46. Love you

  47. Im the first viwer