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Clash of Clans: March 2016 Update – “Balancing” = Explanation and Underlying Implications!

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  1. damn god plays coc? that 3 star in that first raid was raw

  2. Yah, this update does nothing to help TH10s on offense, it only makes it even harder to farm. FU SuperCell and thanks for ruining CoC even more. At least you gave me a good alternate. I'm not even going to bother gathering from my collectors. Clash Royale, here I come!

  3. ash when u grow big dont forget ur old subscriber 😀
    n keep up d good work :D

  4. +Ash – Clash of Clans & Clash Royale What do you use to record and edit your gameplay?

  5. I hate how they are going to change the timer to 3 minutes th10/11s really need that extra 30 seconds

  6. i am a th9 ,and I feel that th10 needs sum updates offense wise.

    looks like i gotta stay for ever @ th9 as Sueprcell never helps with th10s

  7. I think that a good option would be to have a 10sec (3:10) increase as a clan perk. 10 sec at clan level 6, 20sec (3:20) at level 8 and a 3:30 attack time at clan level 10. The better the clan perks the more clans will war and that will lead to larger war pool which is better for everyone.

  8. Them needing witches is enough to kill any fair play th11 3 star attack… But making the timer 3 minutes again is just stupid… Even low lv/rushed th11s usually need a small kill squad to take out the eagle before u can curb stomp their rushed base, but making it 3mins could take that whole aspect away… They implement the eagle activation sequence to make you use a kill squad but they take away the nessecary time to use it?! I think it's stupid and they should just try to balance th10 rather than fixing the broken th9 war scene

  9. you should of posted the patch notes

  10. Like someone else said TH7 and lower don't get much love anymore. I'm TH5 so close to TH6 and theirs really not much for TH6, TH 7 gets a lot of new stuff but still. Anyways amazing video!

  11. Great video Ash

  12. Nothing about the healer, that means we could still use queen walk as before?

  13. Again, another update where there is almost nothing for town hall 7's and lower! Thank god I just reached town hall 8. It feels like supercell doesn't care at all about lower level players :(

  14. Honestly don't really like this update, just my opinion. The nerfs are a bit too much so hopefully they do change back some or just don't nerf all that was said.

  15. all fucking defensive updates are they forgetting th10 is broken and needs way more offense to balance it out its gonna be impossible to 3 star a maxxed th10 by a th10. good job SC

  16. +Ash – Clash of Clans & Clash Royale I think that one of the effects of reducing the battle time by 30 seconds will be to make time saving spells much more valuable. Wall breakers can open up a base, but it is nowhere near as quick as smashing the walls with four earthquake spells. Also, haste spells might finally be utilized more just to beat the clock. The casual luring and poisoning of cc troops simply wastes too much time, so I imagine more people will try and take out the cc troops during the initial push with the poison being used as a type of attack troop buff. Combine the slowing effect of poison with a haste spell or rage and the cc troops will melt as the attackers push into the base. It seems to me that queen walks will be forced to run more parallel to an attack rather than being prior to the big push, or she may be used more in cleaning up all due to the reduced battle time. Overall more wars will be decided by two star attacks than they are now. Another witch nerf? Why?

  17. i realise you its just your opinion and others may thing differently, but dont be so negative! those are just some balance changes and once we see the actual sneak peeks you should judge.

  18. ash supercell needs you ive been listening to you and youve said everyting we need in coc u understand how to balance the game

  19. hey ash!

  20. Im in the Altar Family!, when will you come to altar of trial

  21. perfect update

  22. 2 Videos in my Infobox on YT out focusing on this theme.

  23. fk stupid update

  24. nice

  25. 2nd

  26. nice vid, congratulations =P

  27. Intro is way too loud.