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  1. th11, doesnt 3 star a th9… Get skilled m8 0/8

  2. nice video just stop trying to be funny and just be yourself

  3. you used to commentate differently :(

  4. hey buudies i m very happy cause i have a 10.5 inch long dick

  5. im a non rushed th10 workin on my last defenses to lvl 12 and i farm in masters 1 soon chanps with gowipe goin for 400k-600k each raids ive been blazing threw upgrades this past month

  6. look he have a Brasilian flag it's my country
    olha ele tem uma bandeira do Brasil é meu país

  7. I think they use the quakes over 5 jumps because quakes dmg buildings as well

  8. Cooooool attacks

  9. awesome guys

  10. Ikr its annoying farming here at th11

  11. I know why they have max wardens. They gemmed it.??????

  12. th11 love farming.. LAURITO of sanggan dikit.. almost max reso.. no avail. builder though.

  13. diesel is a noob!!

  14. Weird to say farming at town hall 11 is a lot better than town hall 10 for me lol

  15. im th10 farmings good in crystal 1 nd masters 3 i do super queen beaker budy plz reply

  16. Earthquakes are op

  17. Beaker you're my favourite clash youtuber by far! U deserve 10x the amount of subs that u have right now. Keep up the hard work!

  18. im a lvl 76 th 8

  19. I would like to join

  20. your clan is gr8