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Clash of Clans- MASS BABY DRAGON ATTACK! ARE THEY GOOD!? May 2016 Update

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  1. heals get canceled out by infernos lmao

  2. I love your videos man, keep up the great work, and keep clashing on ;)

  3. nelly plz tell your sub or make a video on telling your sub if they can look at my channel it call (thunder gamer)

  4. Nice man

  5. inferno cancels all healing lol

  6. Oh no what happened to the outro :((

  7. You can't heal damage from the inferno towers…. Should have used heals first then rage

  8. Why did you gem

  9. great video man!

  10. Hey Nelly, Baby Dragons when alone, are enraged.

  11. i like the new channel logo

  12. Like 4

  13. Aye

  14. Sorry about audio quality :(

  15. Sweet! (2nd)

  16. hey