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  1. I think there should be a new trap called the black hole. It will pull troops into it and they will fall in the black hole when they reach it. This should be added to clash royale too

  2. can i join your clan bitch jk

  3. a bomb that can go up in the air and under ground and it will damage every troop other than loower troop and more aimed for the higher troop level

  4. Earthquake tower attacks ground and miners does 3X more damage too miners

  5. I don't know if this would work but what about like an archer tower with the process from clash royale on top?

  6. supercell kepp up the work

  7. A wizard trap

  8. What is a good troop combo that does not take for ever
    Barkkes level 9 and level 2 dark barrkes

  9. trap where wallbreakers throw giant bombs to destroy mass troops

  10. I really hate that supercell makes the new things in the update for the high town halls! What about all the lower town halls?!?

  11. Sniper tower

  12. Underground mine to stop miners.

  13. A shockwave bomb

  14. Let me win☹️

  15. they should add new lvl walls were there higher up than the other and the bowlers would not be able to throw there boulders over so it means they hve to break the walls to actually be able to attack the defenses and stuff and the new lvl walls would also not allow the miners to go under and it would actually m ma ke them pop up and allow the defenses to kill the miners same as the boler as he is trying to break the walls it will allow the defenses to kill the bowlers also and the new trap/building should be were it pops up and has like a powerful energy source were when the bowler goes to attack it cause its gonna be a trap/building that it would make the bowlers boulders regect back on the bowlers and damage them.i would li, e this very much or something similar but it shouldnt kill the bowlers emidietly and not do splash damage unless a lot of bowlers are attacking it then it should and hit the troops like the bowlers boulders do and bounce back and hit defenses behind the defenses.

  16. level 9 walls for th8 and and lvl higher for cannons or something for th8

  17. A trap for miners and bowlers

  18. First idea: Decoy

    Size: 2×2 Health: 50
    Lifetime: 4 seconds (can get higher when upgreaded)

    Info: Gets triggered, when a troop gets in its radius. Nearby troops have it as its preferred target until its destroyed. Afterwards it explodes, damaging all enemy troops in its radius.

    Special: Can't get triggered by healers, goblins or wallbreakers.

    Special 2: Does 1.5x its original damage if 20 or more troops are hit.

    Second idea: Hammer

    Size: 1×1 Radius: 1 tiles
    Damage radius: 1.5 tiles

    Info: Gets out of the ground upon activation. It swings like a Valkyries hammer once and then disappears like the spring-trap.

    Third idea: Lightning trap

    Radius (= damaging radius): 5

    Info: Releases a thunder cloud into the sky which results in a lightning spell-like effect.

  19. What about like a flash bomb? Like it stunns the troops for a couple seconds, not letting them to attack any defences.

  20. and ther wil be TH 12

  21. A small knew defence for th 6 and up

  22. Kings throne like scelaton trap but barbs 

  23. Quicksand Trap! Troops get sucked down, including miners if they are in its range,

  24. Feminist trap pls

  25. freeze trap lv1 1.8 swc freeze lvl 2 2.4 lvl 3 2.9 lvl 43.5 sec freeze

  26. a giant air bomb that does a lot of damage to air troops

  27. underground bombs?