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Clash of Clans :: Max Baby Dragon + Balloon Attacks!

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  1. Lol baby drags are soooo cute ???

  2. Legit was getting frustrated when you didn't use Wardens ability and witnessing all those troops dying when you could of saved them haha

  3. Could you please play League of war again. I really like your gameplay on all games but would really like to see League of war again.

  4. More coc ??

  5. You are Bae nick

  6. Can we get 200 subs by the end of next week!? Let’s see! If you subscribe, thank you so much, if you don’t, that is fine too.

  7. you can't see me my time is now

  8. Nick keep up the good work. The videos have great quality and have a great personality

  9. Where's boom beach

  10. Dradla

  11. dragoons

  12. nickatnyte is the first and best mobile youtuber to me

  13. You need to use you warden ability wayyy sooner. U want to activate it while ur troops are in the core

  14. you're using this strategy like a balloonion and I don't think you're taking full advantage of the tankiness of the baby drag or its rage. I suggest trying to spread the baby dragons out a bit to use rage ability and take out outer buildings a bit, then place the rest of them and place the loons LAST. that way, the baby dragons are taking the hits instead of your loons right away.

  15. More boom plz

  16. babyloon

  17. I think the correct term for that strategy is called the "baby dragoon"

  18. join my clan nick lol

  19. + nickatnyte how do you go on a private server

  20. This attack should be called bragoon

  21. More COC because it's my favourite game! ?

  22. Check my music for your video,no copyright strike :),but make sure u give my chanell link to ur video :)

  23. Hey Nick you should check out Mystic7's tactics for COC

  24. i made my own strat for th7 its dragaloonion

  25. What happened to that Boom Beach Update Info? Lol

  26. Yay!! Glad ur getting back into clash nick!

  27. I want to balance iTunes??

  28. Babyloon!

  29. The first Attack was kinda funny :3 but did he realize that it was 2k loot…like seriously >.<

  30. Hey nick? Do you play any guitar, or is it just for looks.

  31. If you want Boom Beach and Clash of Clans back like this comment to show nickatnyte.

  32. ur rage spell deployment is not good u always need one for the middle

  33. You should upgrade your balloons sometime

  34. love the intro bruh?

  35. You are one of the nicest and best youtubers ever

  36. Play risk please!!!!

  37. Hey would anyone like to join my new clan it called (forgotten gods) we currently have 6 people and My user name is adrain327, thanks

  38. play Transformer Earth war

  39. Keep posting nick!! ;)

  40. OMG I thought of something if you put minions and baby dragons also balloons it would be the babylonions

  41. Against sherbet towers????

  42. Evryone start up #RIPclashofclans


  44. their is a glitch if you don't have a max troop train and donate it says one level higher