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Clash of Clans | MAX BASE 3 STARRED!!! HOW? | Town Hall 10 3 Star

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  1. cam can you open your clan

  2. I called Loki before you said it so give me money cam.

  3. #CamSuck

  4. I wonder else like the vid just because of the intro

  5. #camsucksattacking

  6. hey cam reply to me

  7. cam, ur r truly amazing… u have made simple video to super funny video… AWESOME :)

  8. save 1 ballon

  9. What is your subscriber clan tag? I can't find it. And you need to make longer videos

  10. Builder= Wizard 2.0 :D

  11. Who else rewatched the intro???

  12. You did miss the queens ability

  13. I am looking for people who want to join my clan the name of the clan is Phantom Knights.The flag color is black and white.Its black on top and white on the bottom.

  14. let me join your clan

  15. how can I join? 104 th9, I can 3 star higher than my # in war

  16. Cam you talked a true life talking :,)

  17. Loki was so low key

  18. Hey Cam, you should start showing us more creative videos like you used to instead of a clan war video. I'm really tired of all the clan war videos 🙁 They're syarting to really get boring. I'm not hating, just giving my opinion.

  19. Damn that 99% you unlucky bastard

  20. close