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  1. So, I'm kinda noobie but what is the differnce between 4 earths and 1 jump jump seems more worth for me cause less space? So why does erveryone quak?

  2. Beak can I get a what what?

  3. Beak what age did u start YouTube

  4. beak can I join your clan

  5. Yo whats up beak?!

  6. Beak, do u think this is one of the best farming strats rn for starting 8.5s like me (i.e not upgraded camps or troops yet, but got spell factory, lab, cc and a dark barrack going) I use 8 giants, 4 wbs, 2 pekkas, 4 eq, 3 poison, and 51 barbs and 51 archers. For farming de

  7. Beak golems can also reck valks, as they attract the valks, then the death damage can di a lot

  8. Beaker u are the best clash of clan youtuber :-)

  9. hello beaker

  10. Hi beaker ✋?your vids are sick!!???

  11. I swear since I started watching your videos so long ago I have caught so many people saying buddy.! ? keep rockin buddy.!

  12. Level 10 isn't maxed, it goes to 15


  14. why are u not getting X-Bows???

  15. Nice vid bro

  16. lvl 10 isn't the max anymore, it's 15 but you don't get any perks after lvl 10

  17. I can't join your clan beak and it has 49 people ?

  18. yo beak wassup

  19. Beak…. Where's dreday man?

  20. 10 is not the max level of clan its till 15 now sucker

  21. lol XD
    his loot got lost xD

  22. Office tour please beak!

  23. 1:31 I thought the barb king came out of the cc XD

  24. isn't lvl 11 max lvl for clans?

  25. 5:41 lol the archer behind the queen is cheering

  26. I though level 15 clan is max

  27. our clan is lvl4, then we fought a lvl10 clan, they won because of total destruction. our score is 55 – 55 , after the war, Im so proud of my members.I was like, LoL we just tied the score XD

  28. yeah beak like it when u use quakes man, u should keep using em………..awesome video!!!!!!!!

  29. you Terry hogler hogs +healer?

  30. Now you can play your clash in Your Facebook

  31. Beak do a setup video
    Where u show us u're setup

  32. I'm a th8 I've been using gowiva to trophy push been racking up 3 stars all day with this update

  33. 200ksubs room tour? XD

  34. Sup beaky. Can I be your buddy? (No homo)

  35. Great video beak :)

  36. isn't lvl 11 max lvl

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  39. Beaker I'm ur biggest fan

  40. Let's get roooooight into the war!

  41. whats the name of the music thats plays at the very ends of ur video?? anybody plzzzz

  42. screw royale more COC!!!!!!!

  43. Hey Beak, would love to see a studio tour video :)!

  44. hey beak! can u show us your recording studio ?? , would be sick to see how u do all ur vids! tc bro

  45. say yes I'll give u