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Clash Of Clans – MAX HOVA TROOP COMP!! (New troop composition gameplay!!)

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  1. R u sick?

  2. When godson mixes up his east and west

  3. you are great

  4. Are you sick?..

  5. East is right

  6. Honestly enjoy this kind of video more than trolling type vids. Keep these coming!

  7. Lol, people still play clash of clans

  8. Lol hobo xD

  9. u need put sound effect like u use to do


  11. Whaaa

  12. when are u gonna sell that base and if u sell it Give it to your number 1 fan me plzzzzzz

  13. 101Th Cmment!! Anyways, Godson, You Are The Best, I Like The Humer, And The Fun Things You Do In Your Vids!!

  14. what is the outro music

  15. HOVA!

  16. North east ???? u mean west

  17. Godson give me a yooooo!!

  18. I have seen this troop combo… guess you could say im a "hova" whiteness.

  19. godson the type of nigga to use jump spells for hogs.

  20. *north west

  21. Voice = annoying

  22. Shut up man u sound annoying… Not a hater but STFU

  23. belo ataque ✌?

  24. are you sick?

  25. 48 minutes ago

  26. Why do you always over press on the troop build…like can you not see you're way over? Can't you do math?

  27. Anyone who sbscribes to me I'll sbscribe back with 16 accounts.

    Comment done

  28. jay-z

  29. how can u stop the boost?

  30. Hey Godson can I ask you something…

  31. I want to see that

  32. Hi friend

  33. godson vs alvaro845?

  34. If you guys sub to me I will sub back to you(optional)

  35. plz don't go to silver and attack me godson I'll cry

  36. Никогда не понимаю,что говорит Godson,но всегда очень интересно смотреть его видосы)))))

  37. ???????


  39. Hey Godson!!!!

  40. why you hold on so much the warden ability? make your troop untachable is good only when they are alive! lmao

  41. First

  42. Fuck up with your " first " bullshit

  43. Hey everyone. In the last days I did some clash royale videos. And it would be cool if some of you guys could give me some feedback about them. That I can improve them. Thanks for the attention :)