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Clash Of Clans | MAX light DESTROYING a MAX TH11 base !!!!

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  1. Click bait shit your videos are wank

  2. Why do they like the number 300 so much?

  3. Oh thats nice to know it takes 214 Rockies to destroy a maxed th10 :)

  4. But it is a awesome video

  5. That's not a maxed th11 he has a level 1 archer queen

  6. Editing skills to the max! Lol

  7. villager 1* "holy shit did you see that lightning, came outta nowhere?! was so close"!! villager 2* i know right!! totally crapped my pants!! don't worry though you know what they say, lightning never strikes twice in the same place" villager 1* "yeah thats true man"….

  8. love your vids bro. awesome content always. but i've been wondering why you are losing so many subs lately? it was over 250k few monts ago

  9. LOVE the music! Love the video..
    Great work Daddy! 🙂 🙂

    P.S – I'm in your clan in Clash Royale :)

  10. You gonna reply to my comment daddy? Huh are ya?

  11. I like the videos, but not the music you use.

  12. cheers mate i dropped lava's on my maxed th9
    ..doh! so now i'm getting 10's as my mirror would really help mate thanks a lot..

  13. wow….. your intro ia mega nice ??????? i love it. wow.

    really .

  14. looks good Daddy mate any chance you could show a vid. of a maxed th9 hero's mid 20's 3 starring a low to mid th10 please?

  15. Who knew there was light in the game………..

  16. Great video

  17. :D

  18. Nice video! And brings back memory's.