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Clash OF Clans MAX TH-11 Giveaway (COC Th 11) Base Video!!!

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  1. Hi im interested in this account i like it sooooo much My Email: [email protected]

  2. I really want that base

  3. really want this. I suck. no ones really nice to me so this would by far be the climax of my life and I would follow ur channel and like every video and get my friends to sub ur channel if I win. TY

  4. sure lel

  5. I still had my reason to win doe 😉 make me happy and about my dead dog ;'(

  6. I want to win

  7. wish everyone luck btw who won the other one

  8. plz let me have it because i really need it my family and friends laugh at me because i don't have a th11 maxed so plz let me have it so they could stop laughing at me

  9. Please add me in the givaway

  10. Hi can I enter

  11. yeah

  12. Sorry guys i have a bad news! my pc is having hdd issues so there might be delay in announcing winner! so please coordinate with me and keep clashing!!! sorry once again, ill try to announce winner by next sunday i.e. after a week!

  13. omg then pls sorry , did i have any chance to win ?

  14. not your acc

  15. fake giveway

  16. hope to win i will do my best to support you

  17. Me please you are the best ❤??

  18. Hi,thats is so awsome that you have a th 11 giweaway.If you chose me i would really be thankfull.Thanks anyway.

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  20. please me bro

  21. do you get gems with it

  22. all the best to everyone

  23. Winner will be announced after 1 week!!!

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  24. plz me

  25. plz be me