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Clash OF Clans MAX TH-11 Giveaway (COC Th 11)

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  1. how is my intro though? you guys like it?
    if you guys also want some cool intro than i can always help so for that just tweet me on my Twitter @HSPLAYS´╗┐

  2. hope to win i gonna invite mo people good luck´╗┐

  3. OK LISTEN PEOPLE WAKE UP SG gaming did another give away earlier about a maxed town hall 11 and then did another one, I don't even think he has announced the winner yet anyways THIS IS ALL FAKE there's no way someone has 2 maxed town hall 11 accounts´╗┐

  4. ok bro´╗┐

  5. Hi im interested in this account i like it so yeah and your pretty awesome My Email: [email protected]´╗┐

  6. i want this account because my TH9 account was hacked :<, i liked and i subscribed´╗┐

  7. Thanks everyone for such a great response i hope this continues till i die XD. this video really means alot to me. i appreciate support of all. Good Luck To All!!!´╗┐

  8. hope I can win´╗┐

  9. That vrlongshot kid sent me here he paid me´╗┐


  11. Hope I will because I never win anything EVER´╗┐

  12. good luck to everyone´╗┐

  13. goodluck to everyone´╗┐

  14. goodluck to everyone´╗┐

  15. good luck to everyone´╗┐

  16. goodluck to every one´╗┐

  17. good luck to eceryone´╗┐

  18. may the best win´╗┐

  19. good luck to all´╗┐

  20. if i dont win the th11 account´╗┐

  21. i qslo want the th10´╗┐

  22. you´╗┐

  23. who´╗┐

  24. hey i did the steps´╗┐

  25. and I have no friends´╗┐

  26. I want the th11 because im a great attacker and I am always active I'm not going to win so why every you can call me loserpayforeverythingforyou well that what every says even my mom she say I will never win so now im heart less but if I win it will all change but that's never happening bye´╗┐

  27. [email protected]´╗┐

  28. hardstyle u rock!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  29. yan carlos´╗┐

  30. i need the account cuz my last one got hacked and my brother wuld be angry if he figures out that the account got hacked´╗┐

  31. I'm here to represent Lobomon retired I hopr he wins :D! I'm his friend :)´╗┐

  32. I did all the steps I hope I win, If i do send to [email protected]

    reason why i want to win: I like cock, and I'm a th6 almost maxed. I am not anything but a waste of space in my clan and I want to helo them out. By winning this account I could help in war and donations and overall have more fun. Thanks for reading this and good luck to everybody.´╗┐

  33. OK I did all as asked and this is y I need the account so I really want to be a clash of clans YouTube but I can I don't have any thing good on clash of clans so plzzzzzz help me out I will like all your vids I did as asked´╗┐

  34. Hi, I subscribed and liked the video. Really hope I can win the account to help my clan with donations during war. Anyways thanks for the video. Stay safe. Peace out!´╗┐

  35. i really want this acc cuz my brother is better than me and he is laughing to me. ;((
    I watching all your videos and i like your channel. ;))´╗┐

  36. Hope I win good luck all!!´╗┐

  37. i need to play th11 account and want to attack in that account´╗┐

  38. Hi, I need the account .´╗┐

  39. I really want to win this acc because I never won sg gamings giveaway , I hope I win! I will give u a shoutout I liked and subbed´╗┐