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  1. по рускм научись говорить

  2. I can not join your clan, unity titans or unity elite

  3. Hey Beak! I love your vids, and they teach me a lot. I have a question: Since I'm a TH 8, I can't join the Unity clans, and I'm doing the Ruthless 50 application. If you could, I need a TH 8 Unity or even a Ruthless clan. I wouldn't like to be leader or go through a long application. Thanks!

  4. Yay I just got into ue tryout!!!

  5. You just got one more sub keep up the great work ???

  6. Hey Beak.I just wanna tell u that, both of your feeder clans are the same.Both only require Th9's and none of them take TH8's.So can we please have a clan ehere Th8's are allowed?.

  7. YO BEAK

  8. clap clap clap clap clap clap

  9. Y don't u get xbows?

  10. In a hundred years maybe we get done loool hahaha

  11. They should make a troop like a healer but a rager

  12. Why use dark troops when trying to farm dark

  13. Can I join your clan

  14. Beak is my fav clash youtuber! :)

  15. Beak, how much do you earn from youtube?
    Please answer

  16. The audio seems pre-recorded

  17. Yo beaker why dont you put thoose xBOWS?

  18. nice vid u just earned a sub

  19. Your rage spell placement is so SHIT

  20. how about valks against strong and pretty designed bases?

  21. Hi beak, how can i know if i have to use 2 golem or 3 golem when i do goho attack on my th9 account? I mean when i use 2 golem sometimes i fail sometimes i 3 star, but with 3 golems I didn't make any perfect attack..

  22. nice attacks again bro! love your vids

  23. Clash royal?

  24. beaker i just got th9 yesterday