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Clash of Clans: “MAX VS MAX… 100%?” TH11 HEAVY HITTERS FACE OFF

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  1. it is o.p.

  2. Can you put some th 9 attacks in there next time?

  3. hey beaker i just found your clan id like to join it can you lower it down to 1600 trophies btw biggest fan ever and my name is awesomeness 13

  4. nice Beaker' lab

  5. Nice video!

  6. Haha at 3:02 he said "what u guy think about that?"

  7. Bowlers need to be nerfed

  8. Is it me or does he sound like he's doing a Livestream when he's recording a YouTube video?

  9. Hey man this strategy is nice but not very interesting when watched again and again

  10. why dont you up ur cannons and arch towers instead of walls

  11. can you show some th8 attacks?

  12. Annoying when he says hey wassup cool

  13. I know right,I never have any games sounds on,I usually play my own music I like.

  14. Maybe nerf healers and not bowlers?

  15. I'm fresh out

  16. Getting the 3 "2'. Wow, well played Beak

  17. Isnt wyatt aghq(adventure gaming hq) cousin in this vid

  18. What if the bowler was 1 housing space lol

  19. 240 quality?

  20. Take 11 skelekton spells on the townhall

  21. I wish bowlers will get big nerf. It's so boring when ppl attack like that there is like no way to defend mass bowler attack -.-

  22. they just need to go back to bowlers being 8 housing space as this would make them equally as effective in small numbers but would nerf the mass spam attacks as you wouldn't have enough to do them so easily

  23. Max clan vs Max clan? There's a lvl 15 clan

  24. spent 3 years getting a max base and my fucking dog can 3 star my base. this shit needs to be changed

  25. Loved the video.

  26. so powerful but always the same

  27. Nice video Beaker. Can't wait till I'm Town Hall 11 so i can show stuff like this on :)

  28. I've gotten a 1 star 99% on a normal base in war the king dragged my dragons away from the town hall so I ra out of time