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Clash of Clans: “MAX vs MIN..” 1 HEALER OWNS EM ALL.

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  1. ?

  2. Yoo. No vid today ????

  3. Beaker I want to join your clan

  4. Beaker bro you give me the vibe of a fresh kid from the 80s, like a Christian slater type vibe. Keep up the good videos.

  5. beak lower trophie s so i can join

  6. upgrade u r canon and archer tower that would be good to u r defence godd play in affence:)

  7. Friends This is me Rick:: Subscribe me for Clash of Clans Videos .Dont miss Your Chance

  8. g-mode bish Go sucribe to him hes a beast

  9. I'm th6

  10. Look at my clan it's The Whales my name is ThinnishWhale32

  11. selling id whatsapp 01127559008… visit me MALAYA ALL PRO my nickname BURGER…..

  12. Beak CQOTD: will you ever think of doing a tour of you're house

  13. HOW TO GET CLASH ROYALE EAERLY (ANDROID ONLY)  1.  Go to playstore and type in clash royale  2.  Go to the 5th application listed  3. Press download 4.  Open and swipe two to the right 5.  Go to the top and click on clash royale  6.  Press install and wait for it to install (:

  14. I like low-level Gameplay rather than high level

  15. I like mak hogs and max loons in my cc

  16. Hey Beaker I have a question, or as some you tubers say it CQOTD: What is the most annoying person you have found in CoC? Mine was yesterday and he said that I was so rushed and my base sucks and it's horrible. I am a new th 8 and am a maxed th 7 so I can't be rushed. This dude had to be 8 as I've explained it to him 20 times I can't be a rushed th 8 if I am a maxed th 7 and he still said I was rushed. Then when I looked at his base he's a level 109 th 9, being that level he should know. But he was rushed even though that's an average level not to be a rushed th 9. I'm talking he had level 4-5 AD, level 2 AS, and a rushed king (level 8). I then told him you are jealous because I'm not rushed like you and he got mad. In all caps he was like I AM NOT RUSHED! THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS RUSHED! HOW WOULD YOU KNOW STUPID TH 8!!!!'Then I replied I can get level 6 AD and you don't even have a level 6 AD yet. Crazy dude

  17. You are genius !!!!!!

  18. Hey im looking for a decent war clan
    im a th9 with lvl 6 archer, queen going to lvl 10, lvl 98 and a decent attacker, i can three star lower th9s and any th8

  19. I can't wait until Beaker08 gets to th 8!!

  20. like it

  21. Wow Beaker08!! Great video Beak hey Peanut!!

  22. On this account you should upgrade walls and offense only, have the baby defences with badass walls