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Clash of Clans MAXED LEVEL 4 Baby Dragon NEW Elixir Troop Update Gameplay (CoC Sneak Peek 2016)

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  2. there is a sword in early level dark barracks knight?

  3. nobody will use them in higher town halls just like the bowler they played with him a little bit but now no people play with him

  4. why does the baby dragon and miner in higher town halls why can't it just be in like th8 or th7

  5. Will definitely use with queen walk funneling

  6. I feel bad for max th9 and 10 going to the next th because now they gotta unlock and upgrade the miner and baby dragon

  7. Maybe a Baby Dragon + Hogs?

  8. the update seemed to be so good, they just fucked it up with this clash royale troops. clash of clans is a more serious game, don't know why they put this lame childish troops on it.

  9. it would be nice to add mini pekka th 7

  10. coc better not add sparky

  11. what about the overpowered troop Sparky in coc

  12. The baby dragon is just going to be a beast for making funnels

  13. In clash royale, there should be a legendary called a elixir storage, where it gives you 11 elixir at level 1&2, 12 at 3&4, and 13 at 5 and 14 at 6. Like if you agree

  14. Is there one more troop as the barrack shown in videos by other people is little different than galadons vid

  15. The miner is for sure, at 2:22 you can see the barracks with 2 shovels on top…?

  16. They would be insane clean up

  17. how much does the barracks lvl11 cost?

  18. and mini pekka

  19. the miner

  20. To me the baby dragon seems like a clean up troop but hey its still nice to get a new troop

  21. Great video keep it up ! Want more clash content check out my fist clash video !

  22. They better be putting the normal dragon in clash royale then.

  23. We need a dragon in clash royale. It should be a legendary card, unlocked at arena 8 and cost 9 elixir. it should do 600 dps

  24. bro what the hacks for this shit!!!!!

  25. What town hall does it unlock?

  26. I think they will add a mini pekka in the next sneakpeek. There were 2 new barracks added so most likely there will be another troop unless its just a re-texture

  27. they should add a flare, it gathers all troops to that point and weakens all tower it hits, y, because the AI makes me wants to kill myself.

  28. U need to stop being stupid u suck

  29. Use the baby drag for cleaning out the outside building with the rage then golem or anything out and start the raid