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Clash of Clans “MAXED LEVEL BOWLER” Attack Strategy (New Update Gameplay) + How To Defend/TH11 Base

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  1. Valks > bowler all day all night

  2. You must try out this deck in clash royale: Hog rider, archers, spear goblins, goblins, ice wizard, bomb tower, arrows, and barbarians.

  3. gobowho could be a thing?

  4. Our first clan war match-up was WAY off. Five TH10s vs. one, and most of our 9s have been holding off on defensive upgrades (so we aren't near max th9). Something needs to be tweaked I think.

  5. Bug when you go to edit your wae base and you touch cancel the mobile kick you of teh game

  6. the air defense is soucks ?

  7. hey gan
    I decided to ask u about what is the best deck for pekka cuz I always losing when I use him

  8. not e-bowler but da bowler hahahahaha

  9. Try a GoBoHo raid (golems bowlers and hogs)
    It sounds funny but it might work

  10. Can I join your clan

  11. it taking 2 hours for a match on war no lie

  12. Gan a crazy glitch that happened to me with 10 mins left in war yesterday was that i put my phone down for a second to put oil in my broski's car and when i came back and got back on clash i was no longer in my clan! I couldn't attack in war now! The weird part of this is that i am leader! & when i went to the clan info it said i was still in the clan but if you went to my profile it said i wasn't it ANY clan! LOL i couldn't even join back TO MY OWN CLAN ! lol Also the "Join" button on all other clans i tried to join were MISSING! LOL..needless to say i MISSED MY 2ND ATTACK AND WE LOST THE WAR BECAUSE OF THIS GLITCH! ! ????? It fixed itself 15mins after happening and I was back in the clan..haha DOH! ?

  13. The war match making is horrible. It took 7 hours searching for a enemy clan. They gotta patch that asap.

  14. The only thing i h8, is the new air defense design. Why the f did they change that?

  15. can u tell a best deck for a lvl 7 guy in arena 6??!!

  16. worst update for th7's….Gan plsssss suggest supercell ppl to given thing fr th7 also..ty…ur doing a good job hopefully u will continue doing this..

  17. Did you know that with the new update you can now see the your opponents war troops the are in the opposite clan castle!! By using a bypass. Check my channel for the way to!! (If it's not there comment on my last video to remind me !!

  18. the air defenses look ugly as hell

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  20. When the archer dies… it makes a new death cry…

  21. +clash on gan I don't think they are going to add the lava hound cuz it's it's going to be overpower like I use ballon and minous it's going o
    to be so overpower with a lava hound

  22. I use to like valks….i LOVE them now lol

  23. I hate that there is only 3mins now! >:(

  24. What do you think a good Average Elixir cost for a Clash Royale deck is? Id love to know to try to set my deck up

  25. Air Defences look shit at th9 now :(

  26. I am also lazy keep good work gan

  27. CoC <3

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  29. what is war win strike

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  32. Archers have a new scream when they die

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  34. Niggah need some bosley.

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