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Clash of Clans | MegaNub & GalaNub (Galadon) – What Happens When OP Attacks R DED

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  1. AWESOME!!!

  2. LOL that Galanub attack 😀 Galanub really need some training from warman

  3. I think we will see more lavaloonion

  4. me iscrevir pelo payhard

  5. Lindos ataques kkk Já sei o que não fazer na liga lenda, like !

  6. Lmao hilarious stuff mate

  7. nice videos Ed….keep them going

  8. beleza noobs

  9. I still Lavaloonion

  10. Fuck galalosser

  11. :D

  12. Nice video ed…..but this video makes me think havent you ever failed or haven't ITD never lost a war because that kind of videos you never show..Please do reply on my comment

  13. Fun vid rly liked it

  14. kuka näistä on paras: Galadon, Chief Pat vai BjCandive XD

  15. Imma unsub him lol because I only sub him for when there is a new update for clash of clans he is the only youtuber that post a video right away lmao. But he sucks and I wanna see youtubers with good videos post like you Ed. Thanks for opening my eyes bro I just unsub galadon???

  16. Now watching this video makes me think galadon such a noob?????

  17. Hehe nice

  18. Nice vidéo :)

  19. Awesome Video ! Im from Quantum'sForest btw

  20. Is gobarch the way to go or is there other good strategies?

  21. galadon noooooobbb

  22. im gna add this link to his next post his fkn uploads shitting me i stop watching it

  23. was gonna sleep, buut saw the title lol galanub at it again!! hahaha

  24. Big movie ed. Beleza nubs kkkkkkk

  25. great video man

  26. This is awesome.. Galadon fucked-up.. hahahah.. awesome

  27. do you speak spanish?