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  1. Hello there watching your videos recently, whats best farming army composition? Been using 20 giants, 4 wb, 8 wizs the rest archers and 4 healing spells 1 poison… I looted less than my troops cost? i'm also doing my walls its like i only got 3M gold for 2 hours boosting, elixir getting less and less? any suggestions? Great videos by the way.

  2. I wouldve upgraded my valks too since the eartquake does 25% damage to any structure at any nice choice beak! Keep the good stuff up

  3. Hey Beaker!! im fan,
    i always base mg farming strategy to yours,
    since the last update, its been really hard to find loots.,
    im currently a th8.5 and i really really need those loots,
    what league do you suggest coz im really lost.

  4. Did you know that healers are the cheapest for maxing out for only 4 million in total

  5. Good choice on Valks that is what I would do!

  6. you are playing to hardcore

  7. so people play mobile games on youtube… RIP youtube 2015

  8. Has anyone had any good luck on finding dark? I just need to farm up my lvl 4 golems and I'm having trouble .

  9. Valks

  10. Who hates it when he says boom?

  11. hey beak how do you deploy troops that fast? how much fingers do you use?

  12. The struggle is real… I'm on lv 10 walls. I need dark upgrades and walls and that's it

  13. I also don't find gold anymore. Just dark and elexir xD

  14. Same. Thats all i find too. All elixir, no gold. Theres some good de in the gold leagues though

  15. I got 920k of each and 200k de last time from a th8 dead base with almost full storages it was crazy af

  16. why did you seperate your giants?

  17. how can you upgrade walls with elixer

  18. Awesome site for free COC resources!

  19. beak I love your channel

  20. bro please open the clan…..I wanna come…I m th9 and 101 level….please i m a good war player

  21. Beak my hogs are lvl 1 what should
    I do

  22. Can you pl lower the thopys

  23. You Tap Soooo Loudly

  24. Hello guys I wanted to trade my max town hall 10 base for a max out town hall 8 or up if u r interested
    Kik me
    Also I check base first
    Or no deal