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Clash Of Clans – MINER MAX LVL 4 GEMMED!! (Miner Raids & More!)

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  1. ممكن تشتركو بقناتي

  2. use 48 miners and spells and shit its good, very over powered !!

  3. awww…… supercell made him slower if you play the real game yeah he's fast

  4. miticoooooooo

  5. The miners are more op than the valks you just can't use them

  6. Why do walls cost so much in COC? Lots of troops & spells that renders walls useless!!!

  7. бля англичаны ебаные

  8. pls record how to cheat plsssss???

  9. Miners first then golems and wizards and such.

  10. Giving away a account

  11. miners are awesome

  12. i have an idea to you its rage only chalenge you are only alowed to use rage troops and heros (like baby dragon and barbarian king) and the rage spell is the most inportant use in this chalenge!

  13. Lol that comment

  14. Godson use a golem

  15. #lol

  16. plz 48 miner

  17. Always Gem at least 1 think man naaa that's still good but miners there good

  18. Try miner as the clearer with giant, place the giant as close as possible to miner appear moment, then pekka valks(or any strong dmg dealers) and heroes going in straightly to the middle together.
    Havent upgrade the barrack to 12, but im pretty sure a side clearer is his role ;)

  19. use mass miners

  20. use all miners

  21. wowminer

  22. Wall breaker Plz

  23. thought I clicked on Cam's video for a sec. #SWACKING

  24. thought I clicked on Cam's video for a sec. #SWACKING

  25. thought I clicked on Cam's video for a sec. #SWACKING

  26. Just do a all miner attack they are OP

  27. You should get a golem in first then send miners

  28. You should upgrade your balloons

  29. clcldlslsxdkkdld

  30. You should do max miners.

  31. me too

  32. dude you're shittest attacker in COC… lmfao

  33. Actually laughed a bit with the intro?

  34. You fucking copied cam with that intro

  35. ahhahah awesome

  36. he always gets the east and west switched xD

  37. Use dragons and miners