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Clash Of Clans – MINION & LAVA HOUND = PEE PEE KAKA!! (Troll Team compositions)

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  1. Lol intro

  2. Ka-Ka in Hungaryan means s*it!LOL

  3. @godson can you go to battle farm we have good war attacks

  4. why don't you upgrade? your Lava hound

  5. How does Pee pee kaka stand for minions and hounds in any way?

  6. i have a coc but i am not that good plz give me some tips

  7. can anyone help me

  8. i'm netherlands en i'm like jouw video's godson

  9. he dont have lavahond max

  10. using the grand warden with your stuff would have been a huge buff to your attack. hope thats an idea for i you ever do this again :)

  11. id really appreciate if you guys can check my channel out having weekly giveaways just hit 2.5 k subs thank you so much!

  12. I have no comment

  13. Wizard should've just retaliated, lol

  14. Its still works ??

  15. Can you yse all wizards attack

  16. You're my faybrat youtubr

  17. Me too,I got jumpscared

  18. People still play this game?

  19. I'm very confused why is it called pee pee kaka

  20. I love pp kaka lol

  21. watch my videos i used 999 baby drags

  22. like caca

  23. the title is for lil kids

  24. I hope you guys realize that kaka is crap in spanish

  25. Challenge:

    Golems and Lava hounds only. (Grand Warden is optional, but no other heros!) Any spells except Skeleton spell.

  26. lava hound 4?

  27. ชอบมาก

  28. That Intro was funny holy mol :D

  29. godson u r Intros are awesome ?

  30. Pipi caca hihihi

  31. love your stratigues hope you can help me in my coc snd cr

  32. ???????

  33. gues what pipi and kaka mean in geran its funny

  34. goodson pleees supckripe

  35. Do VaGiNer and BoNer

  36. the cat goblin was like what I was laughing but scared me a little

  37. Is that you messi

  38. Invite me to ur clan

  39. Attack A lower leval godson

  40. ppk kkkk

  41. I thought it said pikachu? in the title