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Clash Of Clans | MODDING BANS & CURRENT EVENTS! (Channel News!)

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  1. #IProvide

  2. so my friend got banned for no reason :/ he was almost full th9 and know his account is lost wtf with that???

  3. Nice vid!

  4. Lost my account yesterday, I dont use Xmod or any mods. I dont know why they banned me. If u guys have any useless account and like to giveaway. That be great.

  5. Whats is the name of the blue thing in the thumbnail ?

  6. Congrats on the house bro and good luck with the charity event 🙂 #LAflood

  7. new update

  8. congrats on house ash

  9. #iprovide thanks you guys….I'm from baton Rouge (I'm not flooded) but I know ppl that are. donations and support are very appreciated from everyone here…….thanks ash for the great content


  11. Why can't they workout n stop 3rd party soft-wear.. Instead of banning players..

  12. #iprovide

  13. what's the difference between imod and xmod ? :)

  14. #iprovide

  15. How do you record games in the background

  16. Ash….do websites like clash caller and clash track constitute as cheating and lead to bans? Our clan uses them to call out war attacks and just organize our war attacks. But, we certainly don't want to be banned so I'm not sure if we need to delete them or not…..

  17. #IProvide

  18. Wait what's the hashtag. I'm defintely gonna share it with my friends

  19. What's up with Ursula lol

  20. How you get banned please answers

  21. I waste my life donating to reach that

  22. I got banned too I'm lvl 148

  23. Why not change the war format. Make it if you go up more than 2 th lvl's on your war attack that base cannot be attacked again. But it can be attacked by the same th lvl or 1 lower multiple times! This will stop the burner mini accounts! My maxed 11 gets hit in war by a th 6 and you know what is going to happen next! 3 cheating war stars!!! Ash what do you think will this work?

  24. dear ash
    i have 8 accounts linked to my device and only 4 have been banned. sc replied to me stating i have used bot/mods. but how is it possible to not have the other 4 not banned. i have them linked on bluestacks and also on tab and phone. i am a clash addict like everyone knows me in my clan. however my 4 active accounts have been taken away. i know i am online for about 12 hrs a day. and like i explained to sc my work allows me too do that and i love the game. anyway possible to get in contact too prove my innocence to them. to loose 3 accounts that took me 3 yrs too build up and 1 for the past year would be a shame loosing.

    i have never used any 3rd party apps and my clan knows how much we endorse fair play. anyway we can get in contact let me know. i would appreciate it very much. i know alot of people would scream today and claim fairplay but this was maybe a serious mistake.

    i was not banned the 1st time in april cause i did not use,not even a warning nor did i use any this time around, i keep on sending mails to SC and keep on getting automated replies back like a robot and i am now fedup!
    Although my other 4 accounts is untouched i play with them on the same devices still without any affect, I have contacted Google Stores and they could not see any subscribtions made or downloaded onto any of my banned accounts or devices!
    All my devices are unrooted/and not jailbroken, so i cant see any reason why i was banned, and SC cant supply me with proof of it.
    Anyway of contacting them directly without sending these email and getting robot answers?

    thx stephen cotty from red onslaught. previous leader before the ban waves today ?

  25. intro song pls?

  26. I have only 1 device but 2 high level accounts, should I still delete one of them?

  27. what is burner account (4:33) ??

  28. congrats on the house…it's a big step in life

  29. ?

  30. Using bluestacks is fair right? dont wanna take any risks

  31. my both acconts got banned th 10 and th 9

  32. #Iprovide

  33. #i provide trojan charity

  34. Congratulations on buying a house! Its a very rewarding experience.


  36. Jake will return now?

  37. i gave my account to a person who might use xmod or imod, what should i do? he is now in canada and im not ????

  38. #Iprovide <3

  39. Huge congrats on the new house Ash!

  40. Certainly do need to give Supercell credit on this one! It does set a platform as well for further competitive modes and hopefully the game can progress forward and thrive following this. I agree on engineered bases too as it's not cheating but is certainly something that needs to be looked at because it does exploit the algorithm. Congrats on the house bud, we went for one a few weeks ago but unfortunately did not get it.

  41. Ash this is a request v all know how much time v have to put in this game many of the players who got banned have been playing for 2-3 years including myself ,mu friend was modding ,hhe was having my acc, and i got banned seriously u telling me this is what i get after playing this game.give us a penalty make servers security strict ,wth man i hope u understand i dont wanna talk more becuz im gonna get aggressive ahead!!!!!!

  42. #i provide

  43. #iprovide great work keep it up

  44. Chaos desk hope chapter.

  45. just keep on doing events, i dont play clash anymore, but i ll watch any content hostet by jakeOH

  46. I provide!