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Clash of Clans – Modding / Fair play, Game Dying + MORE!! (CoC 130,000 Sub QNA) ‘Clash of Clans’

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  1. Eclihpse u r so awesome luv ur channel

  2. is boring not addictive

  3. c royal is shit

  4. Eclihpse can you help me I am a big fan of yours can you help me with my YouTube channel I would really appreciate it

  5. ur in middle school

  6. Eclihpse, how did you get into the waterfront district without opening up the gate? Also, do you like Der Eisendrache? :)

  7. How do u record ur clash royal videos

  8. eclihpse play call of duty zombie in new map der einsteain

  9. Congrats Eclihpse 1/10 Of The Way Of 1 Millions Subs ?

  10. Ayy Lmao my question was here xD Dope video

  11. I don't know why but it took me forever to figure out that 200 months is 16yrs, what has algebra 1 advanced ever done for me lol

  12. Are you a banana?

  13. Do you have a girlfriend ??

  14. MY COMMENT YOU DIDNT READ IT !! :(((((((((

  15. Eclihpse, what is your theme music?

  16. Your intro … I LIKE IT!

  17. your videos are so helpful… dont need to go anywhere else… keep up the good work

  18. he is 17

  19. I'm looking for Americans,Australians,
    Canadians and Bulgarian people to start a clan with let me know if you're interested

  20. eclipse has actually showed his face before in a prank video

  21. yo im thinking of creating a channel to make and upload gaming videos (minecraft, team fortress 2, boom beach and clash of clans) i have seen your channel and its GREAT. you got any tips for making videos and getting subs?

  22. Wtf loominati noscopers commented on my comment in fsu's vid

  23. heres a question plz ans are u gonna make a clan in clash royale ? plz do love your channel

  24. i bet u look smexy af. hmu on kik at crepidemic i can send u some shit!

  25. Do you have any tips on what order I should upgrade stuff when I get town hall 9? Should I go 8.5 and not get x-bows?

  26. Lol I do remember when u use to make bases I sub to u at 10,000 subs or maybe less lol

  27. love ya man

  28. Think about if there was a hero in Clash of Clans that could turn all defenses for 5 seconds to attack all enemy heroes, collecters, storages and more!

  29. what is the mlg game fps?

  30. what is the mlg game fps?

  31. your intro is sooooo anoying, too loud and everything … please do something about it, thanks man !

  32. He is 17

  33. Help out people that are starting out in clash royale, best decks for beginners etc. guaranteed to bring you subs

  34. he

  35. Can you do a face reveal?

  36. how old is he? do the math for me

  37. whats the songname of your intro?

  38. yet the average views on your videos is 10k

  39. Q&A why you never show yourself like the other youtuber?

  40. I modded CoC 19 builders legend league all maxed everything lol the game is old

  41. clash of clans reminds me of Destiny, its a great game, many people played it for the features and the updates/dlc but it got repetitive and when a new game dropped that's similar (Clash Royale/The Division) people move on to that new game and leave only the loyal gamers behind

  42. Zombies gameplay would be dope.

  43. Congratulations man! :D

  44. PLZ START PLAYING CoD BO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(zombies or multiplayer)

  45. Kimochi

  46. How many updates do you thing both games will endure