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Clash Of Clans – Modding Is Back – May 2016 Update LavaHound Level 4 Balloon Level 7

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  1. Although this video came out after they remedied the issue … and people feel the need to comment about it … I personally still appreciate the time and effort put into this video … we all were thinking the same thing about sand boxing bases and it was an interesting topic/complaint… so thanks houseurrest .. we appreciate your work my dude .. keep up the dope vids!!

  2. there are restrictions on the friendly battle feature. You can no longer view an enemies war base so you can practice all u want but the war base isn't known until u click attack :D

  3. House I'm coming back for the update

  4. yo man hope you grow more.. great vids and great clan.. you guys are beasts goodluck to you buddy

  5. Who else wants to see House Urrest vs BarbariaNParty?

  6. SC release a new update on 5-20 for friendly battle. theres a 24hours cool down period.

  7. They already said you can't attack a friends base within the first 24 hours of it being set so you can't really use it as an advantage

  8. fist one