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  1. Don't u dare update ur iOS level.

  2. love your videos ! keep the hood work up

  3. love your videos ! keep the hood work up

  4. video liked !

  5. Shake it beak!

  6. I hate the new posin spell

  7. hi

  8. good update, ads look funny

  9. Now that witches are gone thanks to the new level inferno tower and mortar, we can safely say that #ValksAreTheNewWitches

  10. love you beak and look at the heros altar

  11. Do a q&a please.My Question.What are those?Bye

  12. I request a max golem in the cc for either a gohog, hybrid lavaloonion, or standard gowipe raid

  13. what part of mexico were you?

  14. beaker, youre boss!

  15. beaker, youre boss!

  16. I hope one day you slim the side out so we can see the gameplay a little more better lol either way love the videos

  17. It's the Beak!!! Glad you're back!
    I always feel pretty good after watching these vids. Sometimes I feel I get a little too serious on this game.

  18. I missed you beak

  19. the new update sucks bick the airdevice looks likes a stone brick with a rocket on it

  20. Mexican food is life

  21. your back!!!!! i missed you broo

  22. Damn Beak!!! Back at it again with awesome vids!!

  23. Beaker can you do more low level town hall vides and strategies and create a clan and make that one big video plz

  24. Nice Video Bro keep it up!

  25. I seen the update soooooooo cool but not that big but fun

  26. why do you think people don't like Valkyries please make this your top comment and put it in your video like all the other channels

  27. Beaker what is the name of your clan

  28. They need a LOT OF FIXES TO MAKE THIS GAME GOOD I don't think they planed out their TH very well

  29. Yo beak! Glad your back!

  30. And now that the valkyries wore the giants coat, I think we know that they did something midnight

  31. beaker you look like a bowler

  32. do you live in Minnesota

  33. i want to see new plz beak

  34. Beak how do you like the bowler?

  35. Beaker u should do a bolder walk

  36. Bro wtf I'm in Mexico right now for 2 weeks also.

  37. It looks like they have the same coat as level 6 giants

  38. subscribe to my chanel for clash roayle content

  39. Hey guys I'm a new Youtuber and I upload Clash of Clans and Clash Royale videos everyday, sometimes with commentary sometimes without but I will upload everyday. I'll also play other mobile games if you guys ask for it. Plzz giv me some feedback and tell me how can I improve.
    I'm also looking for someone who can make me a good intro
    have a great day

  40. why do I feel like youtubers are ruining clash of clans ..

  41. His mic isn't s blue yeti!!!!!!!!!

  42. I suck at clash

  43. Take that SnapBack off

  44. I just love how this guy's videos go, like I just feel like we're all just sitting back, and chilling together when I'm watching his videos. It just feels so good.

  45. NEW TROOP!!