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Clash of Clans MOST Important Skill: FUNNELING – 3 Star Bible Ep. #5

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  1. 3 star on clan war on me channel.

  2. great helpful videos,wish I had seen many of these much sooner,found Ur link thru sc just today!

  3. Anyone got a good th8.5 base for clanwars?

  4. Excellent video bro..been trying to explain this to my clan and without the visual aspect that this video brings, they just haven't been getting I got them all watching this now and they should get it..thx

  5. TH 8 Raids Please

  6. Hey PB, great video as always and also would be very helpful for a lot of my mates. And that also leads me to a slight problem, maybe you or someone else has a suggestion for me how to solve it.

    First of all, I am the leader of a nice little warclan, with basically the same setup as yours just one TH lvl lower ;). Means our war lineup is around 5-7 TH9, 10-15 TH8 and the rest TH7. Me personally I have two TH9 accounts myself and three star with a rate of around 80-90% (thanks a lot to you, since your videos helped me to get there).
    Unfortunately the rest of my TH9 mates don't watch tutorials or anything else on YT really. They mostly learned how to attack with GoHo from me. That kinda works, but I still cannot explain every detail in Clanchat as well as on video. Therefore I am left with very inconsistent play by my clanmates and sometimes (like last war, where my main was out as well) I am left with two 3 stars on the Th9 level from my own account and we lose the war 87-89.
    That also means that I cannot develop or train other kinds of attacks since I never know at the start of a war how well we will perform (as clanleader I see myself as good example and try to attack asap).

    Does anyone see a decent solution to this problem? I also came accross many other clans before, which had the same problem, so I think thats not only a issue for me personally.

  7. Wow close war against Kara heroes guys! Well played to both clans

  8. Guys im trading a town a max town hall 9 for a max town hall 8, i like town hall 8 its easier to war, kik me at bobstalman for more info.

  9. Could you maybe post something about Air Funneling? I always have trouble with dragons specifically, and not getting that last air defense. (TH8 Dragons & Hogs)

  10. I need a strategy for 3 stars at th11 please!

  11. people seriously need to be subscribing too you power-bang great entire clan watches your video

  12. powerbang could you please upload a queen walk video .i need it my queen is waking up and becoming lvl 30 so i want to practice my queen walk.great video!!

  13. Finally a new 3star Bible video.Thanks alot pb.;D.And grats for the SC mention.?

  14. i am here because of supercell.

  15. How do you get good attackers in your clan? Especially if your are a no'English clan? I only have friends in my clan but not all of them are good attackers… where do you find those guys :P

  16. How do you add those troop stickers and giant bombs to the video, I want to use it to help my clan when drawing up war plans. They get confused by the traditional colored lines and circles that you use for your live attacks.

  17. Dutch language ?

  18. I Know this is stupid. but i would like to see a th8 Strategy! im failing lots of attacks at th8. always ends up in 93% 2 star because of the pekkas roaming the base!

  19. are you from norway?

  20. Probably the best attack strategy guide video on youtube, keep up the good work m8

  21. Great job PB!!

  22. damn, I just love this 3 star bible episode. It's sooo beneficial for my clan. Thanks pb.

  23. Are you from Norway?

  24. powerbang legit tutorial man!

  25. Powerbang your videos are the best,can you make a new anti 3 star base th8?

  26. thanks for your tutorial sir. 😉 keep upload

  27. more 3star bible ?

  28. Failures are stepping stones to success !! ☺

    All failtage videos are now helping us to learn many things.

    thank you PB !! ☺ ^_^

  29. Great vid PB! Funnelling is old news, but it is a skill to always keep developing. Doing the basics well is just as important as learning new, fancy strats. VP_L

  30. Love the bible videos!
    They helped me a lot! Thanks!

  31. th10 strategy plz

  32. Very helpful! thanks PB!

  33. another great video man! how does it feel to have an international audience?

  34. Awesome content Powerbang .!helping me alot thank you….!!!1

  35. Top 5: 3 Star Strategies | Clash of Clans on my channel

  36. Cool

  37. Awesome content man, totally love it! Hogs pathing for the next episode maybe?

  38. It's reassuring that I knew all this?

  39. thank you for the lessons man..i learned ALOT

  40. you are awesome bro keep up the amazing work.just maxed out th 8 on my to th looking forward to trying ur strategies.cant wait to see what u have next

  41. going straight 2kikchatgroup, im allready a hardcore 3starntactiion from holland, lv8clan

  42. fnnaly pb

  43. Even if I already know what t odd going it, it is still helpful to watch. Awesome as always my friend.