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Clash of Clans: MOST INTENSE WAR EVER – WHF vs Power CoC

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  1. Kappz and Kobra the legends, bloody skilled attacks. Great War as well.´╗┐

  2. Hey PB from Cold Sept did you see we barely scraped win on % vs WHF2?lol´╗┐

  3. More GoBoMi coverage!´╗┐

  4. Thx PB.┬á Can you cover some good 9.5 and 10.5 war bases?┬á Trying to find a good layout without IT's.´╗┐

  5. that clutch attack was amazing..´╗┐

  6. Seahawks fans or Packer fans lol. That was a fun game to watch when it was aired. For my side at least..´╗┐

  7. What's a FP attacker?´╗┐

  8. dude zoom the map a bit, its too small and far.´╗┐

  9. Amazing performance´╗┐

  10. loco´╗┐

  11. u made it sound like psy mods´╗┐

  12. ldcw is op?´╗┐

  13. is there any clan which has only max th11's?? coz i need a clan like that´╗┐

  14. PsychonautV is the best FP attacker at TH11. He is too OP, pls nerf. Lmao´╗┐

  15. man..!!want to see psy attack..any idea where csn i see his attack..:)´╗┐

  16. we need tutorial to break walls like what kobra did´╗┐

  17. thumbs up´╗┐

  18. Hey PB, was it intentional to have defenses lock onto miners even if they're underground? Look at 7:04 where a miner gets targeted by the archer tower, but as it goes underground, the AQ and archer are definitely in range of that same archer tower. Shouldn't the AI of archer tower lock onto the AQ instead since the miners are 'out of sight' ? I think this is something Super Cell should change when it comes to miners´╗┐

  19. wow nice video. check my channel. i have new video for clash of clans attack strategy. how to use valkyrie in clan wars.´╗┐

  20. hey PB just wanna drawn ur attention in mention no. of 3s. I think it has to be 32 instead 42 since it was 40 players war. u guys are awesome.. attacking with nice strategy every time..´╗┐

  21. WOW. I've been following you for over a year now and K0bra's attack is by far the most impressive attack I've seen on a TH10. Really goes to show how skilled you guys are as a clan.´╗┐

  22. "Hi guys welcome to another video. This was a mid-week arranged Wars against Power Cock"…..´╗┐

  23. i wanna see your base that defended´╗┐

  24. What's up guys it finger bang gaming´╗┐

  25. Had a .10 victory one time, but .02 that's crazy!´╗┐

  26. Kobras attack was absolutely beast´╗┐

  27. I just left my original clan due to some avoidable issues. I'm a max th9 making myself to 9.5 and eventually 10 for war reasons ofcourse. Max troops 20/20 heroes and was wondering if you had a starter clan i could join and move myself up on brother. Let me know.´╗┐

  28. Psy is op.´╗┐

  29. Psy is op.´╗┐

  30. Concrete aim conservative loan pursuit.´╗┐

  31. Discovery possible stair nlksupp seize instructor´╗┐

  32. when the first attack was over I wanted to press the war map button lol´╗┐

  33. Why aren't we receiving notifications when you post anymore?´╗┐

  34. for the first time I patiently watched a th11 replay….!!!!totally worth it!´╗┐

  35. pb i wanna join WHF i am th9 with lvl 2 xbows and 10 10 heroes´╗┐

  36. Definitely one for the history books.´╗┐

  37. The war against Storms Keep was the most intense. SK won by .02%´╗┐

  38. That attack by Kobra was incredible´╗┐

  39. 9:39

    "swagging spells on our 11s" WHAT THE FUCK´╗┐

  40. On your Thumpnail, don't know how to write :/, PC is lvl 8 :D´╗┐