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Clash Of Clans – MOST LUCKIEST PLAYER EVER!! (2 Million Found Top 5)

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  2. 와 마지막에 대박맛집!!!

  3. I know i probably sound like a noob but how do i submit clips?

  4. go subscribe my YouTube channel just for fun

  5. If you do this it spawns in a SANTA STRIKE

  6. On goblin picnic put a jump spell on the peka statue then put an archer by the peka statue

  7. Lol the intro

  8. I need to find premature TH like that to raid #bank

  9. That intro!!!

  10. Please learn proper English, it's most luck not "most luckiest"

  11. Failtage. It MUST return.

  12. How does one become the "MOST LUCKIEST"?

  13. "Most luckiest"

  14. Yes I finally got my raid onto your vid!! And I was number 1 my clan chat and band went crazy over this video ily godson <3 xD


  16. Moving these little skits godson! Keep it up!

  17. make videos louder it so quite

  18. Yay dragon ball z

  19. Why doesn't godson have more subscribers lol? First he is funny, second, his edits are super cool, and third he doesn't gem/rush through the game. He only has 1.5 mill? Plz, he should have like 6 million

  20. Most Luckiest is bugging the he'll out of me

  21. Godson. love tour funny intros

  22. Godson my clanmate just got a 6 crown total battle draw so if u want it for videos come to ihms ballers

  23. I like the intro of this video

  24. "Most luckiest" lol

  25. I didn't know that wizards were part of the Sith.

  26. Skill u legend!
    -Matt from Raged Farming

  27. what is the music?