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  1. congratulations ash u rock and your videos have a lot of good content ;)

  2. Looked to me like the wiz towers are what killed the attack rather than giant bombs, but congrats on 200k!

  3. Lol awesome fail! Dying laughing?! Like I would totally just walk away from my phone too. Maybe come back in like 2-3 hrs tho. …. And I sommmmmetimes watch ur CR vids lol. I'm debating to get back into it or not.

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  5. Great video! Loved it! Congrats on 200k subs!!

  6. Thank you

  7. Besides showing more fails… its always a good moment to lol !!! #BringMoreFails #KeepGoingAsh

  8. my name is roodypoody and i approve this message

  9. dam it ash. know it or not, u r the god dam man when it comes to coc vids. i like all the others, pb, beak, aronos, gt.. u name em, i watched em. but u dude.. u.. u need to bring coc back to life. the community doesnt like supercell and the 'dev' team. we like u. ! step up (if possible) , man up (if do-able) and get it freakin done ! the community is countin on ya ash, like it or not

  10. What the fuck? I thought he had like 650k subs… XD

  11. U Deserve it Ash, 200k is something u've earned man…

  12. Haha I pretty much had the same type of attack today, I was really busy and had to get my war attack in so went for a spam attack – big mistake!! I like the ideas of failed attacks on the channel, I tried to do this on my analysing attacks series but it's naturally drawn towards more successful attacks. Great idea for the shout outs Ash, keep it up bud.

  13. Congrats on 200k bro

  14. Love all of your content Ash and would love to see more games played on this channel. ?

  15. Them centum Aquila guys must be beasts to beat you guys ;)

  16. I watch both royale and coc

  17. only watch coc vids

  18. Im all clash of clans baby !! Royale sucks !

  19. I love this channel , also to powerbang …. because you are the only ones who bring different and effective strategies …. I hope your channel becomes very popular .

  20. Congrats! Your humbleness is great :)

  21. Please watch one of my videos and give me feedback. You don't have to of course sir, but I want to improve my channel and you being the singular greatest YouTuber ever I could use your advice

  22. Can't wait for more fails, how about more Town Hall 8 video's! I am not at max TH8 and still looking for newer war strategies, I am really burnt on DragLoon. So more TH8 vids or reboot's. Keep up the good work!

  23. I've done worse.

  24. join fire trident (15000 trophy's)

  25. I only watch COC. I unsubscribed to Galadon because he mostly does Clash Royale now. Not bashing Royale but I personally prefer COC.

  26. My Favourite coc video channel. ?

  27. I watch both royale and coc. Always good stuff man congrats

  28. Youre a great youtuber bro, much better and loyal to the games you upload than cam or mystlc7 where they only play pokemon go and dont listen to their fans that got them to 1 million.

  29. congrats ash!

  30. only coc videos for me

  31. Thanks for the vids Ash, I watch videos for both games

  32. Thinking outside of the box…nice job ash. I think it's a step in the right direction! More people need to train themselves to think like that.