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Clash of Clans – Most Powerful Attack Strategy In The Game! | Bowlers + Miners

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  1. Man you are a MONSTER at clash of clans. I wonder what you will be able to do in CR with maxed out cards :)

  2. I'm french and i LOVE ur Videos ! Continue !! ^^

  3. :)) How is this possible?!


  5. Ash I hv seen ur donations its only 30 and ur stars 500

  6. The best thing about ur videos is your intro music..i love it

  7. nice Video :)

  8. Finally we can triple every base no matter what Townhall level, huge congrats to supercell only took them around 2 years hehe ^^.Looking forward for your streams Ash, maybe you can share some raids which you have done while playing clash royale. Good luck for next season, hopefully you are going to beat you alltime best!

  9. Clash royale update tomorrow!

  10. Ash congrats on almost 200k subs!

  11. Good luck on your push!

  12. Good Luck bro ik ur be top 50 in the world soon.. and i just had a question that won't u show live attacks on coc?? +Ash – Clash Royale and Clash of clans

  13. skeletons deck vs big troops deck

  14. clicked on wrong video. thought this was clash royale

  15. Ash, do you think its worth to upgrade bowler now, maybe soon they'll get nerf


  16. Join the cr clan Juicy Squad 60

  17. ash u should do a th9 strat to get to masters

  18. 5-2 for france

  19. 7 more

  20. nice

  21. I need 9 more people to look at this

  22. The firts time i see one of your clash of clans videos i have any idea whats going on jajaja but now i start to play clash of clans it's actually very cool see this videos 😀 , i'm close to upgrade my town hall to level 7 and i can start see some of your videos. Good video men

  23. good luck

  24. awesome one man

  25. Good luck

  26. Best of luck ash… You are doing awesome

  27. Finally a clash of clans video :)