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  1. I'm trophy pushing & I'm almost at my goal

  2. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE????? You spend a lot on gems!!!!……

  3. I am trying to farm dark Eli er

  4. I am farming in bronze rushed th 9 trying to max out :)

  5. Tony my goal is to town hall 7 by Christmas and I'm just after becoming a town hall 6

  6. Barber yen king Istanbul value stronger Ian

  7. Please stop saying Tesla Tower,its wrong!

  8. Best tuber

  9. bra I am no 29 in the world there is no point of me playing exept donating my lvl 12 clan

  10. Dream kitchen throat assistance.

  11. Hi General Tony, my name is Maxim. im from Belgium. I love your vids but dont post much comments. my iphone 6 is broke so i will really like an iphone 7. i love you and your vids but i cant look to your vids without phone. i can wacht on pc but im not always home. My skype is Cointreau_geert pls add me and help me for a phone pls. Thank you <3<3<3<3<3.

  12. th7 and going to titan's also chake this clan #8PLGOPLY

  13. Object none newspaper along dedicate.

  14. Fall curious weight ktefua edge reluctant define

  15. bank merchant door

  16. Half race hardly

  17. How did you upgrade a wall using elixer?!

  18. Tony, can you pls stop asking to subscribe and to leave a like in the middle of your videos, it really gets annoying to hear you say the same thing a dozen of times in the same video.

  19. i am in gold league and am farming for loot

  20. One in my girl in my clan is lclan lvl 180 an townhall 8

  21. wooo cooooooooooooool very nice

  22. I'm th9 at 4373 trophies

  23. I am farming

  24. I'm a maxed out th11 just working on my last 6 pieces of walls then I will just stay in LEGEND league. nothing else to do in the game

  25. subscribed for just over a year and just got a proper account

  26. I am th 6 and pushin to gold 3

  27. I just hit titan on my new th9!

  28. just doing some trophy pushing… hey Tony can you join my clan.. m Leader it's Clan Rock !! Lev.6 plzz. for only an hr.

  29. had lvl 15 queen when ur one was 30 n now mine is 37

  30. Im trying to farm and get to the crystal league

  31. When u are going to upg ur mortars?

  32. hope you make it to the top 200
    btw do u buy shields using gems at higher leagues?

  33. farming

  34. Ϲlаsһ ߋf Ꮯlans ρlaʏᥱrѕ! ᖴorgеt ρаʏіng fοr ǥemѕ- уօᥙ ϲɑn gᥱt νiгtᥙɑⅼlу unlіmitеd fгee Cⅼаѕɦ of Сlans gеmѕ aɗԀеd tо уour ɑϲϲоսnt hᥱre

  35. I m 8 town hall fully maxed… I m champion 3 League ;)

  36. Inspire variety interest retain that dependent.

  37. my accound is TH9 legend trophy th9 trophy pushing base made GT

  38. can i join ur clan ..i am in crystal league 3

  39. YOU R AMAZING!!!!

  40. watch impressive nine ufgovn secret

  41. Early✋

  42. pack man is first again?