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  1. who won´╗┐

  2. don't watch it I don't want the vids to stop´╗┐

  3. Plz be me if I win I will have maxed defenses for th8´╗┐

  4. Hi tony´╗┐

  5. what about the giveaway´╗┐

  6. General hi´╗┐

  7. all good 1080p´╗┐

  8. How come u do not have leader in ur clan´╗┐

  9. I always look forward to watching his videos´╗┐

  10. 2 hours ago´╗┐

  11. yo tony make more clash royale vids plz´╗┐

  12. game of thrones is extremely engagging, very dope
    please tony i need the 14000 gems, im a th8 and cant max it.´╗┐

  13. #rip Tony's laptop 2016-2017´╗┐

  14. General Tony can you show you laptop in your next Video please.´╗┐

  15. Just do a vid on intros and let us decide witch one we want´╗┐

  16. Tony Respond to my comment´╗┐

  17. It's all good´╗┐

  18. Um you do realize that the othervids u made still on utube an u can still take it from there an the music to´╗┐

  19. game of thrones is so dope, you have to get past a few episodes before your really get addicted so u know the characters. but don't get attached cause they aren't afraid to kill them off lol´╗┐

  20. #RIPTONYSLAPTOP 2015-2016.´╗┐