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Clash of clans | My thoughts on the February 2016 Update! 3 air defenses for town hall 7 and more!

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  1. Nice VIDEO ! Keep up the GOOD WORK ! :D

  2. LoL ARMANDO YOU SAID MY NAME WRONG!! (Dylan in ICX) try saying it "Dil-an" nice vid though!

  3. AYY thx for showing my replay its me King Ryan From champa

  4. Why dont you go to random subscriber clans and rate bases

  5. And one more thing,arm I got my level 5 cc

  6. Also the loot cart,how much loot will it give?if it's like 20-70k not a good fix for the loot

  7. At least there kinda fixing the loot….just bring the dead bases back,nowon likes it.

  8. lol at 1:15 but good vid