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Clash of Clans – “NEVER LOSE DARK ELIXIR!!” EPIC Town hall 9 DE Farming Base!! (CoC TH9 Hybrid Base)

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  1. Th10 hybrid next please?

  2. Never lose dark? If i lose dark im suing you for false advertisement…

  3. você também poderia postar os vídeos das defesas desses layout show que você faz. sou do Brasil, e assisto todos seus videos, você é foda !!!

  4. Great video! keep doing what your  doing:)

  5. Elixir *

  6. Can you plz make a th8 dark elixard base

  7. th8 farming plis

  8. clash of clans is dead its all about clash royale

  9. Sick base Eclihpse, your always coming up with new bases and your videos are great! keep up the work! For sure the best clash youtuber out there!

  10. EXTREME anti dark th 8 base please? Thanks man

  11. Bro i hope your next video is a anti 2 star base in cw for th9 ??????

  12. I already am using the 1st hybird base you made for town hall 9 right before the th11 dropped and that base is great!!!! I just modified it to make it work at its best! Nice vid!

  13. i used to listen to him everday +Eclihpse

  14. Please

  15. Make a th8 farming base to protect the storages

  16. Once again GREAT VID!?and this base is good to protect loot and works great for me

  17. Pls make a defenseless th11 base layout I keep losing De. Thanks

  18. +Eclihpse do u like the song? #hoodieallen

  19. I love the base build ???

  20. ?

  21. Used 25 walls to much….