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Clash of Clans – NEW #1 TH10 Anti Bowler Base Speed Build

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  1. What makes it anti bowler (just wondering)? :)

  2. Can you do a th7 war base?

  3. I love them pink walls they're on point ??

  4. my favorite one was the video u posted yesterday with the last second victory

  5. nice video btw for some reason when ever I like a vid it doesn't leave the like it just dissappears

  6. hey I was wondering if I could join your clan if it's full could u kick or make someone leave BTW I mean if there totally nonacative kick THIM I understand if you don't want to ☺☺

  7. How did you get a intro I want one for my channel

  8. Hey Mr Clasher I enjoy watching both your clash if clans videos and clash royale videos. I came up with a cool idea for a new troop/card to be added to clash royale. It is kind of silly but I hope you like it its kind if OP. Its called the builder, when you play the card it repairs your crown towers or buildings it would probably cost lots of exlier but it just a random idea that came to my mind that I would like to share with you :)

  9. nice vid it's a good war base

  10. do you remember me Aqua in your global chat like a day or two ago?

  11. I'm the lvl 7 with a red name Logan in your clan Who happened to win a battle vs you <3

  12. This bases will come back since witches suck

  13. I hope you all enjoyed this epic TH10 Anti Bowler Base Design! Lets aim for 50 likes!! #ClashofClans

  14. Could you like tell someone to leave in your clash royale sorry if that is rude but i really wanted to join.

  15. Awesome vid!

  16. awesome, now all I have to do is find someone using bowlerd

  17. I'm too late right jk haha..

  18. Thanks bro! As a th11 i can say this can help:£


  20. Are people already using bowlers in war that often?

  21. FIRST