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Clash Of Clans | NEW ACCOUNT!! “BABY TONY” A LEGEND IS BORN! Clash Of Clans 2.0

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  1. Farm to max´╗┐

  2. Gem´╗┐

  3. don't´╗┐

  4. BABY TONY can you send a video of how to make a third account plz´╗┐

  5. GEM´╗┐

  6. #BABY-TONY´╗┐

  7. #baby tony and gem keep ur vids up´╗┐

  8. GEMNATION!!!!!´╗┐

  9. gem´╗┐

  10. Gem it´╗┐

  11. Gem to town hall 7´╗┐

  12. gem townhall gt´╗┐

  13. Do it legit pls´╗┐

  14. FARMING´╗┐

  15. You can get banned for this´╗┐

  16. buy 1 of each defense and completely max them do not by more than 1 of the same defense´╗┐

  17. Please don't gem just do it gem free?´╗┐

  18. I'm in a very bad situation arm with my CoC, I started the game when it launched on the 1st iPad. I got my base to a good th8 then bought a android tablet, so I linked my account and everything was good, however I got a iPod for Christmas and I have no clue what my gamecenter account is and I have already used my link account…. I've tried everything I see possible. I have a max th9 and I really don't want to loose it. If anyone has any help PLEASE reply <3´╗┐

  19. Gem baby tony´╗┐

  20. gem 2 th9´╗┐

  21. I have an idea only have one or two of each deffence and all walls´╗┐

  22. gem!!! gem!!! gem!!! (:´╗┐

  23. naw gem´╗┐

  24. gem tony´╗┐

  25. Game baby tony´╗┐

  26. do not gem plz…..´╗┐

  27. farm´╗┐

  28. gem tony´╗┐

  29. gem it´╗┐

  30. You should do max Heros and max lvl defence for th11 and try to go to legend´╗┐

  31. Baby tony farm it plz´╗┐

  32. Max th11 troops and lvl defence and walls´╗┐

  33. #BabyTony´╗┐

  34. NOOOOOOOOO don't gem´╗┐

  35. can u help people join my clan´╗┐


  37. Can you please response Tony???´╗┐

  38. #BABY TONY´╗┐

  39. Don't gem´╗┐

  40. gem´╗┐

  41. Gem to town hall 7 :)´╗┐

  42. hey GT for your new baby please don't gem cause we all wanna see a new series?´╗┐

  43. Gem baby tony´╗┐