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Clash of Clans: NEW! #AxePB – (OH, AND PERFECT WAR)

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  1. do u remember me im davidsito and u joined my clan yesterday at night fantastic saenz

  2. Anyone ever tell you that you sound a bit like Max Kellerman? lol

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  4. Double Upload ?!

  5. This video is much more interesting than you think. I have an almost max TH 10 (heroes 38/40) but I'm in a "chill" clan with people who don't play as much as I do, and I never face anti 3* TH 10, only anti 2*. The way we attack is very different and some of your best challenging wars are actually "useless" to me because attacking an anti 3* base is very different from an anti 2*. I wished you could have shown more TH 10/11 attacks in this video for this reason.

  6. Too bad Johnny Bravo got banned. Hopefully it was just a fluke and he gets his acct back. That would suck to lose a long-time WHF member, and even worse that it was to modding. I would imagine that would be very sad if Johnny Bravo had been modding this whole time.

  7. i swear insaw pbs channel on 200k subs like weeks ago lol.. am i wrong? probably missread ..

  8. i swear insaw pbs channel on 200k subs like weeks ago lol.. am i wrong? probably missread ..

  9. just call it wisky and clash i love the idea #miss jake and would love it if u took over

  10. Can you pls make a tutorial of Baby dragon attacks PB

  11. Join my clan called YouTube badge is white and red

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  16. for a moment I saw two powerbangs and a couple times they were lip synching @1:11

  17. looks like they let you win

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  20. I wonder what content Supercell will drop within the upcoming months, I hope it will improve the quality of life on how we play game currently.

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  29. Hey PB your clan does such great high level attacks I was wondering if anyone in your clan has found a good use for the clone spell?

  30. 10:22 lol you said work his way down the shaft.

  31. give my channel a shout out

  32. even my account was banned and i decided to stop playing clash of clans. but i cant stop myself watching your videos, and this thing hurts me when i know i can't 3 star again. powerbang you always have been my inspiring. i am sorry i have to unsubscribe. Big respect from Abo Rabba for the good guys goodbye and thank you.