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Clash of Clans – NEW BABY DRAGON TROOP! (New Update)

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  1. What do you think the miner will be like?

  2. What do you think the miner will be like?

  3. next they will copy the mini pekka from clash royale…

  4. Nice cr desc

  5. Stop hating on Supercell for copying from their own game. So it is okay for clash royale to copy coc with troops, almost half the troops and spells in clash royale are from coc. But once COC copies Clash Royale, everyone starts shitting on it.

  6. clash of clans is better than clash royals IMO

  7. The picture is bad, but the babies are so fking cute

  8. kkkkkkkkkk olha o gelli

  9. I think this dragon unnecessary?

  10. can't wait to see Prince and dark prince in clash of clans on future updates

  11. Will they bring the dragon into Clash Royale?

  12. I think clash of clans takes way to long to bring out a new troop and then they put in a troop that we already know couldn't they have put a new turtle of troop

  13. Next sneak peek: the miner

  14. lol supercell running out of ideas

  15. baby dragon 2 spots higher then regular dragon seems legit

  16. Joey Wheelers voice Baby Dragon

  17. So stupid

  18. royal giant…….?


  20. they have to change the icon it's disgusting

  21. it dope

  22. this look dumb they would be killed even quicker