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  1. earthquake top corner in between wiz tower/cannon and there is a direct path to TH

  2. I'm sad to see this video when i have a th9 base 🙁
    sorry for bad english xP

  3. This base is really bad! 2 people have attacked me and they both 2 stared me

  4. link the playlist with the music

  5. Glad this is up. I gemmed so now I have TH11 but didn't know what to do for a new base ?

  6. Nice base HaVoc but i think You should switch eagle with x bow next to DE storage. Beacuse can freez inferno and eagle.

  7. Ty 4 Ute nice base! I use them now ?

  8. Th10

  9. Woh havoc did you free style that rap?

  10. can we get a th10 Hybrid base and a trophy base for the new update?

  11. Nice video?…props to you man?.

  12. Havoc. I gotta Experiment for you.

    Make a th9 farming base. But have the Th behind a set of walls. Just enough so people would have to destroy the 30% including the Town hall

    I know what your saying. "Why not just make a Hybrid?" Just give it a try and post it up Plzzzzz ?

  13. I remember when hybrid bases were a thing like 1 year ago and now they're coming back because of the update

  14. Could u please do a th9 base for loot and pushing ps I only have 3 of each storage

  15. what is this song called

  16. U gem?

  17. i can't open my game can you tell me the fix

  18. cuz dark elixir was always more importmant than gold and elixir

  19. yea this so annoying part of update