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Clash Of Clans | “NEW BOMB TOWER” Town Hall 10 MAZE FARMING BASE! CoC TH10 Bomb Tower Base 2016!

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  1. Sweet 10 Minutes for that extra $$$ cunt

  2. What's that intro song?

  3. it lacks a archer tower if we place the second bomb tower

  4. I built one of these bases and it got three stared

  5. I've always like the maze concept for bases, but there are too many vulnerabilities in this layout.

  6. Missed an archer tower

  7. i see the first 5s of the video and can already tell this base is shit..
    who tf puts the two inferno towers right next to another??

  8. 11 please

  9. Eh don't really like those inferno tower are close together.

  10. nice!

  11. cool ,I hope it will work great!

  12. I want th9 farming with boom tower