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Clash Of Clans | “NEW BOMB TOWER” Town Hall 8 CLAN WAR BASE! CoC TH8 CW Base WITH Bomb Tower 2016!

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  1. this is the best base to loose your loot

  2. This is the only th 8 bomb tower base I can find! But awesome base it fits a good war base

  3. Chos can u do th8 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz titan plz i love this channel and u have keep do vids but my vids is so shity my my my my noy ur ur amazing plz

  4. If we have no 4 builders what to do????

  5. This channel is the best

  6. What name the mucis?

  7. Hey, Bro. Can i join ur Clan? / Kann ich deinem Clan beitreten? :)

  8. i dont get updade yuo stuped

  9. cooles video

  10. There is no update yet

  11. Thanks great base!

  12. como se llama la cancion

  13. nice video