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Clash of Clans – NEW CLASH RECORD! WE GOT IT! Closing in on the Legends League

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  1. What does HWD stand for in his name ? ?´╗┐

  2. CQOTD: Do you think the new loot update has changed anything?´╗┐

  3. why do u bring a quake? Just bring a poison for the little troops´╗┐

  4. CQOTD – will you ever do a normal walk threw of clash or clash royale?´╗┐

  5. CQOTD- What was your favorite show growing up? Mine was Naruto!´╗┐

  6. Fav part is 0:50 ??? the noise he makes´╗┐

  7. I hate the ai off the grand warden he goes away from buildings right in front of him´╗┐

  8. btdb´╗┐

  9. man i swear , the dragons are fucking stupid´╗┐

  10. just do cod and clash royale´╗┐

  11. COTD: I hate clash royale´╗┐

  12. Wt do you use to record clash´╗┐

  13. Does anyone know what those songs are in the middle of the video? They sound bootiful´╗┐

  14. CQOTD= what town hall do u think will be the last #WhitelightingHWD for prez. 2016´╗┐

  15. CQOTD: are u taken ?´╗┐

  16. can I join that clan´╗┐

  17. Where the fuck is clash with cam vs mystlc7 clan war´╗┐

  18. WiteLightingHWD I want to see Clash Royale and BTD´╗┐

  19. COD plz omg yes dude´╗┐

  20. CQOTD:What is the first thing will you do when you get to legends league?´╗┐

  21. CQOTD: Why do you hate air sweepers?´╗┐

  22. CQOTD: Why did Colson and Tbot leave your clan´╗┐