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Clash Of Clans – NEW CLONE SPELL!! CLONE WARS!! (Testing on lots of troops)

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  1. Looks like Godson got himself in trouble with SC for leaking too much lol

  2. wizzard towers throw fire balls now

  3. A small loan of a million clones.

  4. is this spell going to be in next update?

  5. what about the giant?


  7. Where were cool updates like this a year ago when people were actually playing the game? Lol

  8. you can use the clone spell on the pekka and golem

  9. he isn't showing the troop did he get this from another vid?!?!

  10. The start of the vid?

  11. why you got the screen like that and when you going to show off the barracks

  12. THE INTRO ? ? ? ?

  13. wait there is new spells wow I've been playing too much CR lol

  14. wizard tower shooting fire balls ?????

  15. A max clone spell can clone golems n pekkas just letting u know

  16. This is a spoiler !!!!
    The next sneak peek will be a new troop called "miner" :D

  17. barch+clone spell

  18. 300 witches and clones?

  19. That's like psychosis in black ops 3

  20. well you fucked up with the wizards because I think the spell Always created 20 spaces of troops like 4 loons 1 drag, 1 healer, 1 witch, no pekkas, no golems, so actually it creates at least 5 wizards, but you fucked the testing up, because of the healer, you duplicated the healer and so there were only 6 spaces left for wizards (14+4=18<=20) so there would be 5 mvp clone army wizards

  21. Just like the mirror spell

  22. I saw level 7 wallbreaker……….. oh yeah………. at 3.54

  23. when will these update come…???

  24. As you level up the cloning spell max will clone up to 35 spaces worth of troops.

  25. If the clone spell is a higher level, does it make more troops?

  26. why didn't he show us his deck? New troops?

  27. There will be a new troop from the normal barracks called miner. because there are shovels on the barracks. (spoiler allert)

  28. Souls have been called mirror

  29. wizard tower attck animatiom is diffrent

  30. Never mind

  31. Hey godson next time try to use valkaries Whit a clone spell

  32. Clone ghoulem

  33. Omg dem cannons

    and the spring trap.

    And the barracks

  34. Did you see that wizard tower shoot a fireball???????

  35. So do the clones attack or are they just meant for a distraction?

  36. lol that into fuck!?