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  1. is that real beakers i wish i have thatbomb tower if that is not real.

  2. i think ur the best youtuber but why u have some subscriber

  3. من سنيرو

  4. When's this coming out?

  5. are u kidding me bomb tower

  6. when will this update release??

  7. the bomb towers are sick!

    Also, I think there should be a gold barracks and a goblin hero in the next update. any thoughts?

  8. so level 7 wiz not doing much

  9. I want to join your clan

  10. RIP wizard tower

  11. It hasn't come out for me yet

  12. can I join ur clan

  13. Bomb tower is balance :)

  14. still under powered

  15. Put this in the core and anything that reaches it dead .

  16. Really

  17. What about the pekka any new lvl?

  18. it's going amazing

  19. you are so cool beaker's lab you are soooooo coooooool

  20. Im for it but disappointed that it has to be stuff from clash royal , i guess we know which team is on top of there game , Team Royal

  21. Giant bombs in the corner of bases! Revisited!

  22. when is the update coming out


  24. First off you cant still what was already yours.

  25. Rip barbarians

  26. Bomb tower is good to put near mines, collectors, drills so it can defend against goblin swarms, or barbs-archers :D

  27. why does beaker only have 268k subs -_-

  28. Bomber Tower is absolut trash its weak doesn't do that much damage and it makes a tiny explosion

  29. why the fuck do we need a bomb tower in coc makes no sense

  30. Guys look at 3:31 at the hidden tislis do they have new level sorry for bad English ?

  31. I don't even use the bomb tower in clash royale

  32. Sup beak love all your vids keep up the good work.??

  33. Wow I love hogs!

  34. I was gonna upgrade my th to lvl 9 but since I heard that Im gonna have to wait till the update comes

  35. How do you get in on the sneak peeks? By being a Clash of Clans YouTuber with a certain sized following? It's cool that you get to play around with the updates, instead of just showing your subscribers stock footage from Supercell.

    I LOVE IT :D

  37. what's ur clan name

  38. beaker thanks for the sneak peak

  39. yo!!

  40. this isn't bad

  41. What th date it come out at

  42. I love that they've introduced a new defense, and I like it, but it needs a wizard tower range