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Clash of Clans: NEW! GoWiWiPe! (OK, w/ Healers & Bowlers too)

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  1. anyone watched kimi no na wa? comment pls

  2. Why do you focus so much on th9 m8?? Would be good to have a bit more stuff on th10. Getting a bit anoying.

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  8. Everything works at TH9

  9. selling th8 nearly to max pvt me for more info

  10. Do you have a video or thoughts on best th10 attack attacking up against max th11 in war for 2 stars? Against mostly anti 2 star ring style bases often.

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  12. good attack strat but can you show an attack strat at th9 that DOESNT have bowlers in the cc

  13. Cool attacks, being that I'm a th10 I can't really use these compositions unfortunately. ?

  14. whyyy another th 9, just whyyy….

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  19. I wonder if the strategy would be more effective with the pekka walking with the bowlers and the BK going to core with the KS? Pekka gets twice as much healing from healers

  20. Level 30 heroes against th 9…. come on.. any compositions is easy with such level heroes. You are better than this Powerbang! Show us level 10/15 heroes against TH9 or TH11!!!!

  21. Hey PB, would you consider doing something other than war attacks/strats? Like a updated farming guide, or new base design, or a trophy pushing strategy? Anyways keep up the great vids!

  22. quality content!

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  24. Are you ever gonna show any th10 strats?

  25. i can see the teddy bear lol

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  29. I want to see a strategy of the10

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  32. It isnt special to me, its an open walk with a funnel and just a big killsquad

  33. What if you dont have bowlers?