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Clash of clans | new hero Grand Warden & new witch level 3 gameplay

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  1. Very good!!!

  2. Cho mình hỏi nhạc tên gì vậy?

  3. it's always great seeing a video from you! :D

  4. Amazing ..Keep doing more videos :)

  5. Amazing man as always :)

  6. nice video, keep it up!

  7. Any ways
    Thanks?✌️ for awesome videos !
    Keep uploading them !!!
    If not long
    Short will do ?

  8. Live raids possible ?

  9. nice video buddy

  10. Ez 3 stars bro :)

  11. love your videos but can you plz not show the same base getting 3 stared like 3 times

  12. I like the supercell new troop better than the entire game.

  13. nice video and Happy new year bro

  14. +Vodka CoC .. qossai … OMG one of the best attackers in COC. Great Job And happy Wedding bro ;D i hope see ya more often ;)

  15. hueheuhe new troop LoL i like

  16. How do you record your videos? nice quality

  17. great video vodka!! happy new year! ?????? we like the new troop!! ???

  18. What troops strageties do u prefer me to use.

  19. Nice video mate. You are the best coc youtuber :)

  20. Happy wedding and new year Vodka Coc!