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Clash of Clans: NEW HOG RIDERS @ TH9 – Too Strong?

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  1. Here's a crazy glitch that happens too me I went on clash of clans and I was lvl one and then I went to lvl11

  2. In a nutshell, Power Bang is right in saying that hogs arent OP… They now have more enemies than just the giant bombs…

    Mass Hogs is going to annihilate bases that havent adapted…

    But that's what happened when the bowlers were buffed, people said they were OP and the game is dying

    The bases adapted, we started seeing Deadzones/isolated inferno compartments, and then Mass Bowlers were extinct

    I can hold the same argument for mass valkyries…

    Its a cycle and SuperCell is balancing it perfectly

  3. Semi Surgical Mass Hog(25-30) riders are working with the old meta bases provided the enemy queen is offset and can be dealt with a mini kill squad…

  4. you love to stir the nerfing pot dont you!!

  5. You know why the hogs are a problem not having gbs doing the damage they used to? It's being able to have your thirty something guy able to three star in 20s in war just because he has lvl 5 hogs in war. Your video just illustrated how bad this update really is. A engineered th9 just by having lvl 5 hogs can three star almost any th9 now regardless of heroes lvl. Just have to kill that queen and you're set. That's the extreme of it. But even a legit th9 will cake walk over any other th9 with a simple goho raid. Don't believe me? I've done it now last three wars with my 8.5. I've attacked max th9s with my 8.5 and three starred with just a basic goho lvl 10 hero's and lvl 5 hogs. That's a issue dude. They destroyed the balance at the most balanced and fun th lvl to war at. Don't care what you say "oh the new meta this and that". When you can mass troops and slaughter anything it's bullshit. Just making this game crash harder for the decent war guys.

  6. That bomb tower is also strong , valks need heal on that defence , I'm feeling govaho is difficult than earlier on th9

  7. Oh man! I have been Begging For this Video From Other Youtubers AND YOU GOT THAT!!!! Thank You??????

  8. I like using the skeleton spell for cleanup. You can place the skeletons anywhere in the base, and they don't die to traps.

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  10. What is this secret buff to mortars and are there other secrets!??!?!?! Thanks in advance everyone!

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  14. Hey Bro,

    Can you post some current META besses. or share a link?


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  20. honestly I've been doing a v simple goho golem wizards hogs heals rage, DESTROYING. it's not even a challenge ??.

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  25. seen and had more fails using hogs then with air attacks and i was more of a ground attacker


  27. pb show some attacks without bowlers in cc#bowler are op

  28. This last war I faced was my first non 6 star war with hogs at th9. They were solid anti 3 star bases. I'm going to have to figure out what I need to adjust.