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Clash Of Clans | “NEW!” HOW TO SPAWN A X-MAS TREE! CoC Christmas Tree FAST & EASY! NEW Update 2015

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  1. I did it with th6!

  2. havoc can you do a video on getting the tree in the center?

  3. If you have last years xmas tree does it still spawn?

  4. i aint getting none

  5. sub mee everyone

  6. What I did for my spread base was just copy my trophy base then get rid of the walls and replace them around the base

  7. TH8 PLEASE!!!!

  8. So, can we do something like- "Use that base only when under shield and put your other base out for defense?"

    P.S. I made a th9 base myself with no 2×2 spots but there wasnt even a single obstacle on borders overnight!

  9. Lmao I bought all my decorations. XD

  10. Lucked out and got first tree off grid.

  11. great vid : D but stop with the clickbait titles :)

  12. upload th8 base today pleaseee :)

  13. So.Many.Gems.

  14. What's the outro song?

  15. nice havoc bro yur the best

  16. yeah your base for the cauldrons was good and I got about 12 from it.

  17. Why in my base there grows normal trees no x mas trees

  18. By the gain bomb at bottom right lol

  19. the fuck is this title