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Clash of Clans – NEW “Invincible Bowler” 18 MAX Healers + 1 Bowler LIVE RAID!

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  1. Mr.Clasher idc wat happen yo you still gonna be a YouTuber I'll love to watch

  2. You suck for stabbing tony in the back and your vids are pretty sucky no lie man

  3. Just met you in global! Keep up the good work Mr clasher. The haters are just jealous ;)

  4. OMG! MrClasher you don't deserve those dislikes! Idk why people are such butts and dislike awesome vids like this?! UGH!!! >:(

  5. Lmao nice clickbait vids kys kid. Don't callout out others u jealous fuck.

  6. why have u been hating on general tony

  7. my friend keeps telling me to get clash royale if I ever do I could play against u or something

  8. bruh I did 4206 dmg in wot blitz with the is3 got no kills and we lost but liked the video

  9. still loveing the intro bro

  10. What's up with all the dislikes?

  11. 1 – Sub to me ?
    2- like this comment & reply "done"
    3 – I'll subscribe back!

  12. 1 – sub to me ?

  13. I love how people are complaining about shots fired rather than the video…, seriously? Apperentally drama is more important than support. Fucking children that doesn't know what the internet is if they are complaining about a twitter dispute. Anyways; You keep doing good work man!

  14. Kys u called out GT

  15. 104th

  16. Sorry I haven't been on in a while I doubt u remember me but any way I have been on vacation sorry? any way nice video?

  17. Why are you accusing General Tony of doing fake giveaways??? He has no reason to do that! You're just jealous that he's better than you! Just because he got a tweet from supercell, you don't have to go to them and ask for a promotion. Don't go around accusing people of things they don't do. I thought you were actually a half-decent Clash youtuber, but I am NEVER subscribing to you. Once again, you're just jealous. You are the worst youtuber I have ever seen.

  18. Your just copied other you tubes with this vid

  19. Your vids r poor

  20. Why you calling GT a cheat

  21. nice video dude 1+ sub :D

  22. Damn people hate the bowler you got 9 dislikes already! WTF these guys need to chill..

    The bowler does suck though

  23. I hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans "Invincible Bowler" raid! Boom for 50 likes! #ClashofClans

  24. First